Soap is one of the most important products which we should go natural on as they are made of natural ingredients and are not harsh on the skin. Pure and natural soap is best for those with sensitive skin and those who simply want to give their skin the best.

Citrus Blossom -

Awaken the senses with this zesty citrus soap. This is an excellent soap for sensitive skin with a high percentage of peach kernel oil. It is enriched with pure essential oil of citronella, grapefruit and lavender.

Herbilicious –

Soaked in Natural. Feel the cleansing power of the calendula petals in this rich and earthy soap. This soap is enriched with organic calendula oil and jojoba oil making it an excellent soap to soften and protect the skin. It is scented with pure Lavender oil

Coconut Dream-

Made with skin enhancing cocoa butter which is easily absorbed by the skin. Scented with organic coconut essence, lime and citronella.

Drift away –

Soothing and cleansing soap. Due to the high content of sweet almond oil it is suitable for eczema, psoriasis and acne. Relaxing blend of pure essential oils of chamomile and palmarosa.

Natural Skincare products

The emulsifiers I use are used as ingredients in the Scandinavia food industry to make bread and vegan ice cream. This shows they are very safe emulsifiers to use as they are edible.

Rich moisture cream with vitamin E –

This is a gently moisturiser that can be applied daily. It contains Thistle oil which is an excellent source of omega 6 & 3 fatty acids. This makes it easy for the skin to absorb. It is excellent beauty oil. Enriched with vitamin E oil to protect the skin. Essential oils of lavender, geranium, and palmarosa are added to indulge the senses and treat the skin.

Face Serum –

A careful blend of pure oils that are very important to the skin and are easily absorbed. They act like vitamins for the skin. Enriched with organic jojoba oil and pure essential oils

Lips can be sensitive and can often require a little extra protection. I use natural fats and waxes to help care for and protect the lips

Lip Balm - Ingredients include beeswax to protect the lips and cocoa butter to soften them.

Citrus Lip Balm enriched with pure essential oils of citronella, orange and lime

Mint Lip Balm - enriched with pure essential oils of grapefruit and peppermint.

Soaps and skincare products can be made without essential oils if you require. If you have any special requirement please don’t hesitate to contact me.